SAP Business One

The Best Solution for Your Small or Mid-Sized Business

About SAP Business One

SAP Business One is an affordable, easy-to-use business management solution designed specifically for growing small to mid sized businesses and subsidiaries. SAP Business One is not a scaled-down version of the larger SAP products. 

From financials and accounting to inventory and customer relationship management (CRM), all of your key business areas are integrated to provide clear visibility into your entire business. By capturing data into a single centralized location, you can access critical real-time information to make fast, informed decisions.

Trusted around the world, SAP Business One is a scalable, proven solution available on-premise and in the cloud.  SAP Business One has the functionality to help you transform your business by leveraging information to maximize efficiency, reach new customers and drive profitable growth.


SAP Business One Cloud

With the SAP Business One Cloud solution, your Company gets all the capabilities and breadth of the SAP Business One ERP solution with the predictability, security and scalability of the cloud.  Your company can have the comprehensive business management tools of SAP Business One with software-as-a-service delivery, offering a flexible alternative to deploying traditional, on-premise infrastructure.

For a subscription fee that combines software, service, and support, your Company can access the full functionality of SAP Business One hosted either by SAP or by one of our SAP Business One Cloud partners. The subscription is affordable, easy to understand, transparent, and predictable, helping you manage your cash flow.

In all deployment options, subscription terms are based on the number of users and the length of the contract so we can tailor the service to fit the precise needs of your business. And the operational expenditure (OPEX) model helps your Company plan for and support the changing business environment more responsively.

Benefits of the cloud include:

  • Reduced complexity – provide a streamlined engagement model
  • Leverage the power of SAP Business One Analytics with the power of SAP HANA, to drive real time insight into your business
  • Seamless, ‘always on’ access, SAP Business One Cloud runs in a browser and can be accessed anywhere
  • Affordable, pay for what you use, as you consume it, with subscription pricing
  • Lower TCO, minimizes expenses, no hardware, fewer IT support staff and the confidence that you are always on the most current version
  • More flexibility to scale users up and down as your business requires
  • Focus on your customer/business not on IT
  • Reduce risk with industry grade security and disaster recovery at SMB prices

To learn more about how SAP Business One Cloud can help your business, get in touch with us today.

SAP Business One Key Features

Financial Managament

You can use SAP’s financial management features to improve margins, reduce errors, and drive more profitable decision-making with a complete set of tools for streamlined financial operations.

Financial management features include:

  • Accounting – Automate key accounting processes, including journal entries, accounts receivable and accounts payable.
  • Controlling – Manage cash flow, track fixed assets, control budgets, and monitor project costs with greater accuracy and efficiency.
  • Fixed asset management – Simplify the management of your fixed assets with a virtual function, eliminating the need for repetitive manual data entry.
  • Banking and reconciliation – Process reconciliations, bank statements, and payments via checks, cash, and bank transfers.
  • Financial reporting and analysis  - Create standard or customized reports from real-time data to improve your business planning and audit review processes.

The system’s purchasing and inventory control features allow you to optimize purchasing practices and control costs by managing the complete procure-to-pay cycle, including receipts, invoices, returns, and payments.

Purchasing and Inventory Control

SAP Business One also handles:

  • Procurement – Streamline requisition requests, purchase order and good receipts creation, and returns management.
  • Warehouse and accounting integration – Sync goods receipts and inventory levels and create accounts payable invoices automatically.
  • Accounts payable – Process accounts payable invoices, cancellations, and credit memos with a purchase order reference.

Oversee the entire sales process and customer lifecycle more efficiently – from initial contact to final sale, after-sales service, and support.


Sales and Customer Management


Your customers also reap the rewards of an ERP system. Because their information is centralized and streamlined, your sales team can ditch the spreadsheets but keep all the critical information they need to focus on building and maintaining customer relationships. With SAP Business One’s visibility, real-time information, and integrated view of the sales process and customer lifecycle, you can offer better customer service from initial contact to final sale, after-sales service, and support.

SAP Business One also allows you to:

  • Create, manage, and analyze marketing campaigns
  • Track sales opportunities and lead activities throughout the sales cycle
  • Manage warranty contracts and service agreements

Create timely and accurate reports based on company-wide data with analytics and reporting tools.

Business Intelligence

  • Gather data from multiple sources and generate timely and accurate reports based on company-wide, real-time data with SAP Business One’s complete visibility.
  • SAP Business One offers several standard reports and the option to create customized reports in multiple formats.
  • Use these reports – and customizable dashboards – to analyze data for trends, compare across departments, and more. Business intelligence functions also offer a deeper level of analytical insights by identifying operational strengths and weaknesses, which leads to better business decisions.

With intuitive mobile access, your teams can view real-time reports, check inventory, manage sales, service tickets and operational activities, receive alerts and complete approvals from their iOS or Android mobile devices. 

You can deploy SAP Business One on-premise or in the cloud. SAP also offers mobile apps for both Android and iOS users, so you can access your data anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device and empower your sales team to manage information on the move. 

Mobile sales – Empower your sales team to manage information on the move.

Customer Benefits

Run and maintain your ERP software affordably

Lower the cost of managing your business, from financials, purchasing, inventory, sales, and customer relationships to project management, operations, and HR

Handle all your department needs with one solution

Gain clear visibility and complete control over every aspect of your small business. Capture critical information for immediate access and use it company-wide.

Power your business growth with keen insight

Secure the achievement of big dreams and big goals. Get a single view of your business in an instant with a flexible, modular, powerful, and simple interface.

SAP Business One Integrations


Even when you have the perfect solution to implement, deploying your new service isn’t always straightforward. Between meeting deployment deadlines, integration testing and making adjustments post-deployment to services, there are several areas where integrating your new solutions could go wrong.

Our integration solution easily enables application-to-application (A2A) integration to ensure that all company data is stored in a secure, centralized location - SAP Business One. The options for connectivity are endless. Keep the solutions that are currently providing value to you by connecting them with SAP Business One – for an even greater return on investment and deeper insights.

Accounting Micro Systems partners with Dell Boomi to create seamless end-to-end integration processes. We utilize the Boomi platform exclusively to create all of our integration processes.  As a Dell Boomi Managed Services partner, we ensure your new solutions are deployed efficiently, hassle-free and without additional costs.


Our Managed Integration Services include:

  • We operate as your outsourced Integrations team.
  • We get you up and running quickly with an experienced team.
  • Our staff maintains all certifications required for the Boomi Platform.
  • We support your Integrations with constant monitoring and error resolution.

Key features of our integration platform include:


Native Cloud

Native Cloud


Intuitive Interface


Unprecedented Ease Of Use


Reduced Time-To-Value

Industry Solutions

SAP Business One can adapt to your industry needs. At Accounting Micro we specialize in the following industries:


Manufacturing & Distribution 

Reduce supply chain costs, speed time to profit, shorten cycle times, and minimize scrap and rework to meet customer demands and develop new revenue streams.


Financial and Business services 

Use repeatable processes to deliver high-value services while improving resource planning, project management, and billing.



Harness real-time customer and point-of-sale insights to give consumers the products, information, and personalized experiences they want.


Wholesale distribution 

Create tightly integrated, flexible processes and improve inventory control/supply chain management to better meet customer and supplier demand.


20 %

Lower inventory costs

50 %

Reduction in billing process time

30 %

Lower total cost of ownership

SAP HANA (high-performance analytic appliance) is an application that uses in-memory database technology that allows the processing of massive amounts of real-time data in a short time. The in-memory computing engine allows HANA to process data stored in RAM as opposed to reading it from a disk.

SAP HANA can help you to harness the power of your data and develop intelligent solutions for real-time decisions. Support next-generation transactional and analytical processing with a broad set of advanced analytics – run securely across hybrid and multicloud environments.



SAP Services

We offer a wide range of services to support SAP solutions. 

Software Implementation

  • Analysis and Planning - Our project analysis and planning process is part of our pre-sales activities and guides you through a series of steps to ensure proper project planning.
  • Setup and Installation - Gain the required steps for proper environment setup, installation of the software and preparation for system configuration and customization.

  • Configuration and Integration - We ensure that your core business processes are running according to specifications, then conduct a user acceptance test and make corrections as necessary.

To learn more about our software implementation services click here.




Custom Software Development

 If your business has unique or unusual requirements, you often have to compromise: either change your business processes to fit the constraints imposed by your existing software or procure custom-developed software which is expensive and difficult to upgrade.

Custom software solutions are tailor-made to resolve your toughest problems. Custom accounting software elevates the unique aspect of your business and gives you a competitive edge over the competition. Out-of-the-box solutions and Band-Aid fixes aren’t the affordable choices over an extended period. You need customized services to solve your challenges the first time. 

Success Stories

Biocodex finds a cure for its integration challenges with

SAP Business One has simplified and reduced the time taken to manage business operations at the US subsidiary of independent pharmaceutical company, Biocodex. The installation of SAP Business One Cloud also gives Biocodex’s head office in France much clearer visibility into its US operations.

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • US subsidiary needed a validated system to support FDA requirement ahead of the Rx launch
  •  The US subsidiary uses a different financial reporting system to that of its parent company in France, and with the existing system there were some challenges in meeting head office’s GAAP requirements

Download the case study to view the solution >>

Butali Sugar Mills


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Accounting Micro Systems helps your business quickly and efficiently transition to SAP Business One – but we don’t stop at implementation. We offer continuous technical support to help you leverage your technology investment and ensure success as your business grows.