SAP Business One

The Best ERP Solution For Your Small Or Mid-Size Business

Your small business has numerous needs, from effective operational management on a modest budget to growth enablement. Do you want a better way to manage your business? You need to increase efficiency and visibility into your operations.

SAP Business One software is designed specifically to meet the needs of small to mid-size businesses by streamlining operations and enabling growth. This ERP solution captures and consolidates all your business information into a single software platform, increasing your visibility into operations and allowing you to make better, more informed business decisions.

Accounting Micro Systems helps your business quickly and efficiently transition to SAP Business One. And our support doesn’t stop once you’ve implemented your new ERP solution. We provide continuous ERP technical support to ensure your solution easily scales with your growth. 


You need an ERP solution that facilitates growth and is designed to scale with your business as you expand. SAP Business One empowers you to grow by promoting efficiency in the following areas.

Automate your financial management and improve margins. SAP Business One software allows you to integrate accounting, sales and purchasing data.

Elevate your customer engagement by using integrated CRM tools to facilitate improved:

  • Sales processes
    Track leads and lend better support to your sales staff.
  • Customer service
    Store vital customer information to provide a more personal experience.
  • Marketing efforts
    Reach and nurture leads through campaigns and customer engagement.

Simplify your production processes to save time and increase profits.

  • Inventory management
    Track your stock movements in real time and ensure optimal inventory levels.
  • Delivery
    Gain more control over your delivery process to improve on-time delivery rates and eliminate stock-outs.

Make your purchasing process more efficient through better planning and vendor engagement.

  • Planning
    Create orders and project your supply needs for the future.
  • Vendor relations
    Easily select, invoice and pay vendors for more profitable supplier relations.

Gain real-time visibility into your operations with intuitive business intelligence, reporting and analytics.

Integrate your processes with other applications, partners and locations. SAP Business One facilitates easy business process integration, making it ideal for growing organizations.

SAP Business One Deployment Options

Do you need your ERP solution to take on additional roles in your business? Explore some of the SAP Business One deployment options.

  • SAP Business One Cloud
    Manage your business worldwide with this affordable cloud-based offering. The solution is secure, maintained by experts and hosted in world-class data centers, allowing you to spend less time addressing IT issues.
  • SAP Business One, Version For SAP HANA
    Modify SAP Business One’s financial, CRM and supply chain functions with advanced in-memory technology. SAP HANA’s in-memory platform also elevates the role of analytics in your business. Empower your employees to make informed decisions based on data.
  • SAP Business One Mobile App
    Access your crucial back-office information on the go with this secure mobile application. It’s compatible with Apple and Android devices.

Pricing Structue

Is your small or mid-size business ready to adopt an ERP solution? The SAP Business One pricing structure offers both purchase and subscription options, making it easy to get started. SAP Business One features a modular licensing structure, meaning you only pay for the users you need at any given time. It’s easy to add additional users if your needs change.

Talk to an ERP expert about obtaining licenses for SAP Business One.

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