What To Expect When Moving To A Cloud-Based ERP Solution

As Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications increase in popularity, IT departments need to understand both the challenges and the opportunities that the new software deployment model brings to the organization. For small and mid-sized businesses where IT resources are less readily available, this paradigm change is even more impactful.

The Right Metrics for Professional Services Firms

Business metrics are important for all types of companies and are critical to helping the organization steer clear of potential hazards. Professional Services firms have to be especially careful about which metrics they choose to guide them because focusing on the wrong ones can mean disaster.

All Document Management Solutions are Not Created Equal

As more and more companies realize how expensive paper files and filing cabinets can be (our friends at Altec have some great stats on the cost of paper), eyes naturally tend to turn towards document management software. Options are plenty in the market and a simple Google search will yield more pages than you have time to read (about 70 million results on my last search). So how do you narrow down the options to something more manageable and that will actually provide value?

What Is The Best ERP Model for Large Enterprise Subsidiaries?

Sometimes doesn’t make sense for subsidiaries of large enterprises to implement the same ERP system as used by headquarters. Some reasons this might be the case include:

Why Use Best Practices Built Into Distribution ERP Applications?

Distributors need to tailor internal business processes as much as possible to the best practices baked into distribution ERP systems.

Can Your ERP System Handle Real Time Sales And Operations?

For increased efficency and business process improvement, distributors should implement distribution ERP systems that can frequently evaluate operations.