Accounting Software for Non-Profit Organization

Meeting the needs of Non-Profit Organizations with a comprehensive ERP solution

SAP Business ByDesign is enabled for non-profits to better meet the specific needs of your organization.   SAP Business ByDesign delivers pre-built processes for everything from finance and sales to project management and purchasing on a single, unified solution.

Business ByDesign is ideal for streamlining your daily operations and facilitating non-profit accounting requirements such as fund accounting and grants management.

Accounting Micro Systems streamlines your workflow by integrating the highest level of SAP services and non-profit accounting software. With features designed to reduce operating costs, improve strategies and enhance reporting, you’ll have the tools you need to support your organization’s growth.

Benefits of SAP for Non-Profits

Cloud Functionalities
Our cloud solution for non-profits gives your employees traveling or working in the field access to vital information anytime, anywhere.
Streamlined Reporting
Meet the strenuous requirements of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) reporting standards with built-in analytics that track funding and promote transparency.
Increased Efficiency
Eliminate the extra applications impeding productivity and consolidate your operations into a single software solution for your operational needs.
Standardized Processes
Protect against high turnover in your accounting department by providing built-in best practices that streamline accounting operations.
Tailored Features
Combines standard finance functions with non-profit interests to streamline daily operations and facilitate encumbrance accounting, fund accounting, grants management, and reporting.

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