SAP Software Enabled For Distribution

ERP to Enhance Your Supply Chain Operations

You’re continually striving to increase sales, deliver on time, retain customers and minimize overhead. You're focused on strategically managing the supply chain and keeping your operating costs down. It's a challenging proposition under the best conditions. But, with software for distributors, it’s possible. 

Accounting Micro Systems provide solutions specifically developed for the distribution industry. Our accounting software for distributors helps you effectively manage your inventory, ensure on-time delivery, maximize your productivity, help you run your business more efficiently and work more closely with your buyers and suppliers.

Benefits of SAP for Distributors

Sales Order Processing
Track incoming and outgoing expenditures, optimize inventory levels and process sales. 
Inventory Management
Manage products and improve profitability while streamlining the ordering process.
Automated Procurement
Buying hardware, products and other services is easier with solutions tailored to distributors.
Warehouse Management
Manage your operations, improve processes and adjust services to multiple distribution locations.

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