SAP Analytics Cloud

Real-Time Data In A Single Platform

Analytics give you insight into your business performance and direction. Formerly, to have a comprehensive view of business analytics, you needed multiple platforms to manage, track and evaluate your actionable data.

But SAP Analytics Cloud (formerly SAP Business Objects Cloud) solves this problem. Use it to bring together all the essential information you need to make data-driven decisions for your business.

Explore SAP Analytics Cloud’s capabilities, and learn how choosing this ERP solution improves your business processes.


Accumulate data from various sources, create data visualizations and generate real-time reports with business intelligence (BI) capabilities.

  • Real-Time Data – Access crucial data in real time and make informed decisions instantly. The platform is also compatible with other SAP products, giving you access to information stored on any SAP platform.
  • Built-in Analytics – Use advanced business intelligence capabilities to dive into your analytics. With SAP Analytics Cloud, you can generate reports, what-if analyses and more.
  • Data Visualizations – Easily create compelling data visualizations, dashboards and storyboards that you can use in your business communications.

SAP Analytics Cloud enables predictive forecasting through guided machine learning. Analyze and predict business outcomes easily and efficiently.

  • Guided Machine Learning – Use the intuitive features to help you better understand data relationships and KPIs.
  • Accurate Forecasting And Prediction – Get the bigger picture with data forecasting and predictions. With easy-to-understand visuals and insight into even the smallest data points, you can make accurate financial predictions.
  • Insightful Simulation – Use simulation modeling to experiment with data and explore alternative business outcomes.

Make your financial analysis easier than ever with SAP Analytics Cloud’s streamlined, simplified planning capabilities. Organize, analyze and collaborate, all with a single SaaS platform.

  • Instant Analytics Access – Simplify planning with lightning-fast access to financial analytics. Because SAP Analytics Cloud’s planning tool easily integrates with other SAP products, you have instant access to key financial analytics essential for planning.
  • Task Management And Collaboration – Assign, plan and manage tasks with ease. You have access to enhanced collaboration capabilities via a single platform, making it easier for your team to conduct financial planning together.
  • Integration With SAP Products – Integrate harmoniously with all other SAP products for the most comprehensive data picture.
  • Secure Cloud Platform – Eliminate the need to for physical software or local data storage. Use SAP Analytics Cloud anywhere, with the assurance that your information remains secure.

Provide your C-suite executives with data essential to making smart business decisions. Present, plan and navigate complex data with SAP Analytics Cloud’s Digital Boardroom.

  • Simplified Presentation Creation – Create presentations using this interactive and intuitive interface. Use detailed R visualizations such as histograms, box and scatter plots, 3D graphs and more.
  • Data Insights – Give decision-makers insight into different data points, such as trends, spot correlations and key figures, in one easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Built-In Content Best Practices – Gain access to predefined queries, data models, visualizations and best practices developed and built in by SAP’s business experts.

Subscription Options

SAP Analytics Cloud is available through an annual subscription. Choose from two different subscription options, based on the number of users you need to support:

  • Business – 20 users
  • Enterprise – Unlimited users

If you’re ready to talk to ERP experts about implementing this SAP solution, contact AMS now.

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