SAP Analytics Cloud

Real-Time Data on a Single Platform

Analytics gives insight into your business performance and direction. But, to have a comprehensive view of business analytics, you need multiple platforms to manage, track and evaluate your actionable data. Or do you?

SAP Analytics Cloud solves your multi-platform problem by providing all-in-one analytics reporting software. By bringing together all the essential information you need to make data-driven decisions for your business, you drive productivity and performance. By reducing the number of subscriptions, licenses and platforms, you cut costs while enhancing the way your team works.

Accounting Micro Systems makes the transition to SAP Analytics Cloud effortless and efficient. From managing your tasks to migrating your physical software to the cloud, we’ll quickly install your new solution and monitor it post-deployment to ensure it’s working at peak performance.

SAP Analytics Cloud empowers you to streamline your business in four areas.

Business Intelligence
Accumulate data from various sources, create data visualizations and generate real-time reports with business intelligence (BI) capabilities.
Predictive Analytics
SAP Analytics Cloud enables predictive forecasting through guided machine learning. Analyze and predict business outcomes smoothly and efficiently.
Make your financial analysis easier than ever with SAP Analytics Cloud’s streamlined, simplified planning capabilities. Organize, analyze and collaborate, all with a single SaaS platform.
Digital Boardroom
Provide your C-suite executives with data that's essential to making smart business decisions. Present, plan and navigate complex data with SAP Analytics Cloud’s Digital Boardroom.

Discover Seamless Reporting

Don't bother syncing multiple platforms; get an all-in-one analytics solution. SAP Analytics Cloud is available through an annual subscription. Choose from two different options: Standard Edition, Professional Edition, Public Option (CS) or Public Option (user).

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