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December 13, 2019BY John Kearns

SAP has now released SAP Business One 10.0! We wanted to get ahead and showcase some of the big changes and help you get started! Here's  a short breakdown of the biggest highlights and what some of these new features mean for your organization and workflow.

Featured Highlights

Web Client (Hana Only) - Browser interface based upon SAP Fiori. Focused on Sales Order creation and processing and supports creation and update of Sales Orders, Activities, Business Partners and Items.

Updated User Interface - a new skin style called Belize Deep has been introduced.  The new UI follows the Web Client look and feel.

Enhanced Document Printing - enhancements include:

  • additional selection criteria options
  • Form settings allow the user to customize the column display
  • Results can be sorted and filtered

Enhancement to Approval Process - a new setting allows the document approver to edit a draft document in pending status. This minimizes unnecessary back and forth between authorizer and originator.

Drill Down to G/L Account in Financial Reports - Golden arrows are added next to the account codes in financial reports allowing users to drill down into the account record within the Chart of Accounts.  This allows for direct access to account details and account balance of relevant accounts increases usability and transparency 

Extend Journal Entry Remarks to 254 Characters - This allows entry of more detailed information related to the journal entry and is consistent with the length of remarks in marketing documents.

Hide Blank Lines in Addresses - A new checkbox within the Address Formats - Setup window allows the hiding of empty address lines.  When selected, ship-to and bill-to addresses in future marketing documents appears without empty lines. This setting also applies to print layouts for marketing documents defined in Crystal Reports – i.e. empty lines in addresses will also be hidden in the printed documents.

This results in enhanced formatting of the printed, previewed, or PDF document and easier readability for users within marketing document forms, especially when address format consists of multiple components

Interactive Gantt Chart - An Interactive Gantt Chart allows Project Phases to be moved or extended/shortened interactively.  In addition, new fields have been added representing Project Due Date and Finish Date.

The benefits include Project updates according to planning changes within interactive Gantt Chart and easier and more visual planning of Project Management Tasks

Serial & Batch Numbers Management - Serial Number Management and Batch Management now includes the ability to update on A/R Reserve Invoices and Inventory Transfer Requests.  

The benefits include more detailed direction of Serial Numbers and Batches to be allocated for fulfilment.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration - Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive integration allows for document layouts, grid results and reports to be exported into Excel and Word accordingly.

Benefits include:

  • Automatic upload of exports into OneDrive
  • Easier report and document layouts management
  • Access from everywhere

For a complete list of new features released, click here to visit the SAP Business One detailed release.

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