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Tessitura and SAP Business ByDesign for your Cultural Organization

July 9, 2021BY John Kearns

Tessitura and Business ByDesign are two of the leading application for nonprofits.  Tessitura is the front office application of choice for many arts and cultural organizations.  SAP Business ByDesign provides a cloud native application from SAP tailored to nonprofits offering functionality needed by nonprofits including native Fund Accounting, Grants Management, Budget Control , etc.

AMS has developed a turnkey integration to allow users of these powerful applications the opportunity to use them together seamlessly, virtually eliminating any manual entry of Tessitura data into SAP.


The Tessitura ByDesign integration provides the following functionality:

  • Automatic synchronization of Tessitura constituents to SAP ByDesign Accounts.
  • Automated replication of Cash transactions from Tessitura including front office transactions such as admissions and development transactions such as contributions.
  • For Cash transactions, tender details are captured and posted to relevant bank accounts.
  • Automated replication of constituent pledge receivables to the accounting system of record.
  • Automated replication of constituent pledge payments to ensure that receivables are synchronized between Tessitura and Business ByDesign.
  • Processing of Constituent Refund Checks.

Ease of Use

In order to ensure that user action is minimized, the integration:

  • Runs automatically based upon user defined schedules
  • Automatically logs all integration activity
  • Generates emails to key users of data processed and related results.


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