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ERP Software Solutions Make Your Data Work for You

January 13, 2013BY AMS Editor

Nobody wants to do data entry. It’s slow, it’s cumbersome but most of all, it’s boring. Data entry is the kind of task everyone dreads, but we all have to deal with it at some point. Even if it’s only a tiny part of your role, data entry is one of those tasks we all leave until last.

But accumulating transactional data is a vital business function. Whether you operate the most advanced ERP software solution or plod through basic Excel spreadsheets, you rely on quality data. Without up to date and accurate information, no business function would operate effectively. From accounts payable to high-level strategic planning, we all rely on business data.

From Spreadsheets to ERP Software Solutions

In fact, in terms of data acquisition, most businesses are the same. Whether you work at a mid level law firm or an internationally recognized consultancy, the requirement to capture high quality data is the same. The difference is what you do with that data.

When you enter data into a spreadsheet you immediately hit limitations. Like a small business operating out of a single office, spreadsheets allow you to use data at one level, but they struggle with any kind of scale. The information can be manipulated but, ultimately, it’s stuck in that spreadsheet.

Data within an ERP software solution is completely different. Once the data is input it immediately spreads to the relevant departments in the relevant format. When a business reaches multi-national level it requires an efficient communications infrastructure to ensure all departments work together. ERP software makes that same connection with your data.

Business Growth

But ERP software isn’t just for multi-nationals. It can also take the single-office agency to another level. If your organization isn’t ready for cross-continent operations just yet, ERP software solutions can start by connecting departments. A good solution will grow with your organization and adapt to your changing needs.

More than that, ERP software actually encourages your business to grow. It can help you become a more efficient, more cost effective organization by providing the best data to each department. Your organization’s data becomes an active, vital element in driving growth.

Businesses that want to grow need to consider ERP software solutions because they get your data moving and make it work for you. Spreadsheets are just input and output devices. They’re slow, boring and limited, a lot like data entry.

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