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Business ByDesign 1911 - WHAT'S NEW

December 11, 2019BY John Kearns

SAP Business ByDesign is a software-as-a-service cloud ERP designed for small and midsized businesses. ByDesign allows you to run your entire business on an intelligent cloud ERP software suite. It handles customer relationship management, finance, human resources, procurement, and project and supply chain management.

Because SAP Business ByDesign constantly evolves and improves, it’s one of the most versatile and scalable software solutions available. Recently, SAP released version 1911 of Business ByDesign.

Following are selected new features from the 1911 quarterly update we feel provide potential value to our customers:

IFRS16/ACS842 Lease Accounting Support

Full in-application support for the new IFRS16/ASC842 Standard for Lease Contract Management. This is applicable to all U.S., non-public companies with fiscal years beginning after December 15, 2019 and requires lessees to to recognize assets and liabilities for most of their leases.  With this update you can now use the system to create, edit and maintain lease contracts.

Advanced Approval Limits for Supplier Invoices

You can now define advanced approval limits for use in the approval rule Approval by Cost Center Manager by Value Limit for supplier invoice approvals.  This rule in essence eliminates the need for multiple approvals based upon the dollar value of the invoice.  Using this rule, the invoice is routed for approval to a single approver based upon its amount.  The approver would vary based upon the amount threshold.  Prior to this, the invoice would require multiple approvals.

Management of Expired Identified Stock

This allows more control over whether specific transactions can be completed for expired identified stock such as expired batches or lots.

New Order Fill Report

This report details a multilevel investigation of the level of order fulfilment performance comparing quantity and dates requested in sales orders and its actual deliveries. On Time In Full means that the company was able to deliver the complete quantity before or exactly on the requested date. You can access this report from the Outbound Logistics Control work center

Information Lifecycle Management

A new work center has been introduced where Data Protection Officers and Administrators can identify and analyze business documents, their relations to other documents as well as information specific to business partners, and delete all data that has reached the end of the retention period. In addition, this work center can be used to detect issues at an early stage that may interfere with document deletion, block data so it can no longer be used or even deleted, and disclose personal data of business partners.

This is another new feature critical to maintaining compliance with privacy regulations such as the California Consumer Privacy Act.

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