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6 Essential Features In A Public Sector ERP Solution

August 1, 2017BY AMS Editor

Discover six features to look for when choosing a public sector ERP solution.An ERP solution for public sector organizations needs to meet specific operational requirements. Look for these essential features in any solution you’re considering:

  1. Public sector-specific design: Maximize the benefit to your organization’s productivity with a solution designed specifically for the public sector.
  2. Reporting capabilities: Adhere to GASB (Governmental Accounting Standards Board) reporting requirements with an ERP solution that enables you to do so with minimal extra work.
  3. Fund accounting: Increase visibility with funds management and encumbrance accounting. You’ll easily track funding or endowments at a granular level.
  4. Cloud capabilities: With a cloud solution, you’ll eliminate the burden of hosting the solution in-house.
  5. Mobile access: Empower your workforce with increased mobility. Choose a solution that employees can access via a free Android or IOS app.
  6. Subscription pricing: Instead of paying a large sum upfront for a public sector ERP, find a solution with a subscription pricing model, where you pay annually, as you do with your other operating expenses.

Want to learn more about choosing and implementing a public sector ERP for your organization? Download our free checklist to discover partner characteristics and implementation requirements that you should consider.

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