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5 KPIs That Improve When You Adopt A Public Sector ERP Solution

July 18, 2017BY AMS Editor

Learn five vital public sector ERP KPIs you should be monitoring in your organization.Is your public sector organization struggling to improve operations and better serve your community? Adopting an ERP solution enabled for the public sector could be the solution you need for your operational problems.

Monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) is an effective way to track your organization’s day-to-day operation and its progress toward mission-related goals. And with the right ERP solution, you could see vast improvements in some of the KPIs most important to your organization.

Explore five areas where you could improve your public sector organization’s KPIs by adopting an ERP solution specific to your needs.


1. Service Performance Metrics

Ultimately, your organization’s purpose is to serve your community effectively and efficiently. With a public sector ERP solution, you have the tools you need to maximize the effectiveness of the service you provide to citizens.

When the city of Boston adopted an SAP public sector ERP solution, city officials were able to monitor performance of various city agencies and leverage the ERP solution to pinpoint areas that needed improvement. Using the platform, the city was able to provide 24/7 online and mobile service to citizens. One result: They reduced the number of calls about problem properties (properties with high crime rates or building code violations) by 66%.

With a public sector-focused ERP solution, your organization has the insight to improve your organization's performance.


2. Constituent Response Speed

Public section ERPs offer omnichannel communications to your constituents. Instead of limiting their communication options to making a phone call or filling out a form, constituents can connect with your employees via online or mobile channels. Public sector ERP enables faster communication, online form submission, digital payments and more.


3. Stakeholder Reporting Metrics

How many functions are you or your staff performing manually that you wish could be automated? Reporting is one area where a public sector ERP solution could save your staff a lot of time.

Your organizat, each with its own requirements for how information is presented. Instead of wasting countless hours generating these statements manually, public sector ERPs enable automated reporting, putting valuable time back into your employees’ days. And when your employees aren’t bogged down by tedious work, they’re able to turn their focus to other responsibilities.


4. Permit Approval Numbers And Speed

Many local departments and agencies face the nightmare of receiving numerous permit requests each day. This is a huge logistical challenge, especially for larger cities. The more permits you’re processing, the more efficiently your jurisdiction runs.

With a more streamlined infrastructure, your public sector organization can approve permit request more quickly and easily. This prevents your employees from being bogged down in paperwork.


5. Number And Speed Of Projects Completed

Whether you’re managing local beautification or transportation projects, with an ERP solution, you’re able to manage project status and metrics on how many projects are completed. With better project management capabilities, your public sector organization gains insight into where projects derail and how to improve processes for the future.


Finding The Right Public Sector ERP Solution

Ultimately, you want a public sector ERP solution that enables you to better serve your community. With better fund management and lower operational costs, public organizations have more money to use on community improvement or other initiatives.

Work with an ERP expert to find a public sector-enabled solution to improve your organization’s operations. He or she will have the insight to help you select the best option, and use that platform to better serve your community.

Learn more about selecting and implementing the right ERP solution for your organization. Download this free whitepaper now.

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