Adaptive Insights

Budgeting, Consolidation, Reporting and Business Analytics

Calculating the input and output of your expenses is nearly impossible without tracking software. But, without corporate budgeting software, you could face shooting in the dark when it comes to adjusting and meeting your financial goals. You need strategic insights to your business spending. 

Adaptive Insights is the worldwide leader in corporate performance management (CPM). Via its software as a service (SaaS) platform, the company offers budgeting software, forecasting software and capabilities for financial reporting, planning, forecasting, consolidation and visual analytics dashboards. Adaptive Insights provides greater business intelligence to empower finance, sales and other business leaders with insight to drive real competitive advantage.

Accounting Micro Systems ensures your strategic financial solutions are installed, integrated and implemented successfully. Whether you need Adaptive Insights integration or post-deployment maintenance, we’ll provide technical support to keep your services running at full operation.

Adaptive Insights fundamentally changes how your business addresses financial planning, data consolidation, analytics and reporting, and provides five features.

Adaptive Planning
Adaptive Planning provides comprehensive budgeting, planning and forecasting from an incredibly intuitive, spreadsheet-type interface.
Adaptive Consolidation
Adaptive Consolidation reduces the time and resources needed for financial consolidation processes, helping you streamline journal entry management, intercompany eliminations, close-process management and more.
Adaptive Discovery
Adaptive Discovery is the BI solution your finance team needs to gain tailored insights into financial, sales and operational performance across the organization.
Adaptive Reporting
Adaptive Reporting provides comprehensive financial, management, board and transactional reporting, all available through an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop report builder.
Adaptive Integration
Adaptive Integration allows your finance team to connect their existing best-in-class applications with Adaptive Planning, Adaptive Consolidation, Adaptive Discovery and Adaptive Reporting.

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