SAP Business ByDesign Enabled For Higher Education

Instant Reporting For Improved Fund Accounting

Higher education and research organizations need an ERP software solution powerful enough to accurately report financial information to stakeholders and board members. Do your current systems have the capabilities to keep up with the growing demand for real-time reporting and advanced financial management?

SAP Business ByDesign enabled for higher education is the ideal solution for your institution. This ERP software from SAP features numerous capabilities, all designed specifically with higher education in mind.

Explore the functionalities SAP Business ByDesign offers the higher education sector, and discover how this ERP software is ideal for your needs.

Streamlined Operations

It’s impossible to work efficiently when your systems operate in silos. You need an all-in-one ERP solution that consolidates your infrastructure and minimizes your overhead expenses.

With SAP Business ByDesign enabled for higher education, you have software that performs all the functions of an ERP solution, with enhanced capabilities that fit the operational needs of a higher education institution.

You can also easily apply ERP best practices, which are built into Business ByDesign, to your operations.

Improved Fund Accounting

Increase insight into revenue generation with Business ByDesign for higher education. By streamlining your fund accounting methods, you’ll decrease operational costs, simplify accounting methods and reduce administrative burdens.

Cloud Capabilities

Cloud ERP solutions are constantly advancing, ensuring high levels of security and alignment with best practices. Manage your reporting and ensure access from any location on any device with SAP’s cloud-enabled solutions.

Instant Reporting

Many of your employees are members of a tech-savvy workforce, accustomed to accessing information instantly. With SAP Business ByDesign, your higher education organization has the capability to meet those instant-reporting demands with this all-in-one education ERP software solution.

Does your university or research facility need help implementing this ERP software solution?Accounting Micro Systems understands the specific needs of higher education, and we’re ready to guide you through a streamlined software integration process.

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