Technical Support

You can’t afford downtime, and we know that. When it comes to ensuring your ERP system is up and running, AMS prides itself in being one of the best in the business. Whether you want us to continue supporting you after the ERP implementation is done, or want to switch to AMS from your current support provider, we can help.

Post-Implementation Support

After your ERP solution is successfully implemented, post-implementation support services are offered as a peace-of-mind for you and your team. It is normal to have questions after using the system for the first few days, and to discover issues that weren’t discussed during implementation. Moreover, as you start seeing the system in a production environment, you may want to have additional features implemented, screens customized, or reports created. That’s a natural progression of going from learning how to use the ERP to becoming proficient.

Our post-implementation go live support is included as an integral part of our fixed price implementation projects.

Ongoing Software Support and Help Desk

Whether your ERP software was implemented by AMS or another consultant, we can help you with ongoing support in the form of an online Help Desk. This means your staff can contact us at any time after your system has been implemented for the same quality of support you would have had from us on day one.

Ongoing support or help desk contracts allow you to focus on running your business while leaving in our hands the task of ensuring your ERP system runs smoothly. There are many options available and we can customize the support services to meet your specific requirements.

The AMS Support Difference

AMS doesn’t outsource support. We answer all our support calls and handle them individually and quickly. The fact that our consultants come from accounting and business backgrounds, allows us to understand not only the issues you are having but also the implications. Since we can easily recognize and differentiate technical problem from usability issues, we can more quickly resolve the problem and get you back to work in no time.