We believe that technology is only one aspect of a total business solution and that comprehensive end-to-end service offerings establish the foundation on which true business solutions are built. Depending on the scope and complexity of the project, we have the ability to deliver comprehensive end-to-end services or just those services relevant to a particular engagement.

Our team of functional and technical consultants provides both the vertically-specific and functional expertise to implement a total solution which addresses the requirements of our customers on an individual basis. Thus, our clients get the benefit and security of a leading packaged application from some of the largest software companies in the world, along with specific functionality and integration from AMS to best address their requirements. As one of the leading Solutions Providers in Northern California, AMS provides full, local support throughout the lifetime of your system in addition to comprehensive, certified training for end users. AMS works together with its software publisher partners to deliver remarkable service with commitment, caring, and collaboration to help you reach your business potential.

We deliver our services using methodologies specifically designed for the rapid implementation, management and support of high-quality, cost-effective middle market solutions.

You derive the benefits of the following service offerings:

  • Software Selection - if selecting a new financial, accounting, or ERP system seems daunting, AMS can help. We look at your processes, your business and functional requirements and evaluate the best solutions on the market against your needs. We then give you hard data that helps you make a decision on the best software for your company.
  • Software Implementation - following a proven software implementation methodology AMS ensures your project is delivered according to your expectations. Our consultants have backgrounds in accounting, finance, operations, and technology which means they fully understand the challenges your company faces during large software implementation projects.
  • Project Management - regardless of the size or duration of your project, experienced project management is necessary to ensure successful completion. Our consultants are used to the challenges facing small and mid-sized businesses and the tough choices that need to be made during technology projects when budgets, timeframes, and requirements change.
  • Technical Support - dedicated support technicians are available when needed to ensure uninterrupted operation of your business critical applications. We provide both onsite and remote support. Remote support is provided via patented Desktop Streaming screen sharing and remote control technology.
  • Custom Development - the unique aspects of your business, those that make you successful, are not always covered by off the shelf software. Our team of developers can ensure that your unique needs are met via enhancement of standard applications or development of new applications in accordance with your specifications.
  • Training - whether you need on-site, online, customized or standard training for your users AMS can help.