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How Document Management Can Retool Your Business Processes

September 27, 2012BY AMS Editor

Even with all the cloud-based technology that surrounds us today and the prevalence of email in corporations of all sizes, paper still reigns as the king of corporate communications. Be it in the form of invoices, statements, shipping confirmations, human resources forms, or legal contracts it is inevitable that paper continues to grow and consume space around our desks and inside filing cabinets.

For example, research from AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) states that 77% of all invoices that arrive as PDF documents get printed. So much for using digital documents in our daily communications!

But there are organizations making significant headway into the paperless realm, using Document Management and Imaging technology to reduce the burden that paper places on productivity and processing costs. The same AIIM research points to “improved shareability and searchability” as the biggest drivers for investment in scanning and capture solutions and that “42% of users have achieved a payback period of 12 months or less from their scanning and capture investments”.

Savings from document management technology come in many forms, but mainly:

  • Reduced Storage (filing cabinets and offsite storage costs)
  • Reduced Paper consumption
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved Records security and compliance
  • Improved accuracy and quality of data
  • Reduced postage/transportation and document logistics

We explore some of these savings and how document management can help you leverage your existing ERP system in our webinar “Retool Your Business Processes” in which we showcase Sage ERP Document Management and discuss its key features and benefits. Check out this on-demand webinar and learn how the paperless office might be closer than you think.

Watch Retool Your Business Processes with Sage ERP Document Management

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Note: AIIM Research statistics mentioned can be found on “The Paper Free Office – Dream or Reality?” AIIM Industry Watch, 2012.

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