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How-to Increase Professional Services Organizations' Effectiveness

July 9, 2012BY AMS Editor

Professional ServicesProfessional Services Organizations (PSO’s) face numerous challenges like globalization, competition for talent, industry consolidation, and specialization, all adding to the pressure of daily operations.

What should you do if increasing profitability and efficiency is becoming more and more difficult for your professional services practice?

The Top 5 Strategies for Effective PSO’s

There are five key strategies that professional services organizations should take to be on top of their game, namely:

  1. Clarify your vision. When everyone in the company understands the vision, mission, and strategy, the PSO achieves higher growth rates and exhibits more confidence in its leadership.
  2. Hire and Keep the right People. As a people-based business, a PSO’s success depends on attracting, hiring, retaining, and motivating a highly skilled workforce.
  3. Focus on the Right clients. PSOs that focus on a narrow market or particular business problems become recognized experts in their field.
  4. Execute effectively and efficiently. PSOs must deploy the right resources, at the right time, on the right type of projects.
  5. Make integrated and accessible information a priority. Best-in-class firms invest in effective tools to integrate and provide visibility into their data, project management, knowledge management, and collaboration.

Sounds simple? Maybe, but execution on those strategies is where the real challenge lies. If you can successfully re-think your approach to servicing your clients, to hiring and retaining your employees, and in providing access to information then you will have a leg up against the competition.

Want to know more? Download the full SPI Research report on “ Top 5 Success Strategies for Professional Services Firms” and find out how you too can turn your PSO into a lean, effective cash-flow machine.

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