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Cloud ERP Software & Bring Your Own Device Go Hand in Hand

February 22, 2013BY AMS Editor

Cloud ERP SoftwareYou own at least one web-enabled mobile device. That may be a bit of a sweeping statement but it’s also likely true. We live in a world where everyone has the capacity to go online anywhere. A world where technology doesn’t just live in one place, it moves with us.

Cloud ERP software means business doesn’t just live in one place anymore either. ERP software is all about data integration, it allows all departments to operate and manage the same data. This allows every department to work more efficiently and lets key leadership make the right decisions sooner. With cloud ERP software, this data integration happens online, meaning you can access and manage that data from anywhere.


Which brings us to the emerging “bring your own device” (BYOD) trend that’s been appearing in business all around the world in the last 12 months. BYOD is one of those simple ideas that just makes sense. You and your staff already own devices capable of performing day-to-day business tasks; so why would they need to carry business versions around too? All it does is add costs for you and an extra headache for them.

We live in a time when everything in business needs to be integrated, so it makes sense to integrate your employees’ devices too. With Cloud ERP software it makes even more sense. In every BYOD environment, every employee has access to their standard business information wherever they are. They can check their email, follow up with contacts, even update documents from home. In a cloud ERP environment a BYOD employee has so much more.

Cloud ERP Software and BYOD

With cloud ERP software all of your business tools and, crucially, all of your shared business data becomes available from any location. BYOD employees have access to all of the same tools and same data at home that they would have at work. Employees who catch up on a bit of work at home or on their commute are no longer just making notes; they can work on the same data from anywhere.

This creates huge possibilities for all industries, especially small to medium businesses. BYOD already removes the shackles of the office, but ERP ensures that BYOD employees are more than just preparing for the office. Withcloud ERP software and their own device in hand, your employees can take your business anywhere.

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