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Can Cloud Computing and IT Be Friends?

August 21, 2012BY AMS Editor

In the new short video “A Cloud Platform for Your Business”, SAP does a good job at explaining the historical role IT played in corporations and how cloud computing is changing the game. What once was seen as complicated technology now is being delivered as simple to use cloud-based systems.

But is IT OK with this? According to recent research done by Cisco Systems, CIOs cite the security of cloud deployments as a top concern followed by availability and reliability of cloud apps. The survey also posed some pointed questions aimed at understanding how CIOs feel about cloud computing in general.

  • 27% of respondents said they're more knowledgeable about how to play Angry Birds or change a tire than they are about how to migrate their network to the cloud.
  • 24% said that during the next six months, they think they would be more likely to see a UFO, a unicorn or a ghost before they'd see a cloud project go from start to finish.

Do these answers point to a lack of knowledge of cloud computing by most CIO’s or simply that cloud solutions as a category still have a long road to travel before reaching the destination most on-premise applications enjoy today?

For SAP, betting on cloud computing with a full portfolio of OnDeman products including its cloud based ERP solution, SAP Business ByDesign , the answer is that it is just a matter of time before cloud computing becomes the standard. Their cloud-based ERP system is made for companies worried about security, reliability, and ease-of-use and delivers on its promise. Recent implementations at SuccessFactors, Catalyt Strategies, and Skull Candypoint to that trend. It may take a while but it seems IT and Cloud Computing will indeed be friends.


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