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Business ByDesign: Light at the End of ERP Software Tunnel

February 20, 2013BY AMS Editor

When it comes to choosing ERP software for your business, the choice can be difficult and full of risk. Harder yet is determining what you really want out of your ERP software solution. SAP Business ByDesign offers a wide-range of benefits that allow a promising enterprise to take the next step forward. Here are just five of the reasons why Business ByDesign could make your search easier.

  • Mobility: One of the benefits of Business ByDesign is that it can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re in Denmark or India, with Business ByDesign all you need is an internet connection and one of a variety of supported devices including Windows or Mac based computers, an iPad or one of several smart phones (iPhone, Blackberry and Android)
  • Analytics: SAP Business ByDesign offers integrated analytics and real-time reporting which means SMEs can take full advantage of the information they have available to them. This allows your company to make well-informed, quick decisions.
  • Security: SAP Business ByDesign data centers are trustworthy and secure. They are monitored and maintained by SAP experts. This means you can rest easy in the knowledge that your Business ByDesign system will operate without any problems. Business ByDesign ensures the protection of your information with a standard of security that meets the criteria of the world’s most sensitive companies.
  • IT Issues: There are no on-going maintenance or upgrades costs with SAP Business ByDesign. Because Business ByDesign is run by SAP in high-class data centers, you can focus on running your business and forget about distracting IT issues.
  • Efficiency: SAP’s Business ByDesign can increase the efficiency of small to medium sized enterprises and subsidiaries of large corporations. It allows you to run your entire enterprise through one integrated suite. Plus its workflows and built in processes incorporate 40 years of best practice experience gained by SAP through the automation of some of the largest companies in the world. All of which enables you to run your business smoothly and stay ahead of your competitors.

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