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5 Ways SAP Software Streamlines Public Sector Operations

June 20, 2017BY AMS Editor

Explore these five public sector operational areas where SAP software increases efficiency.Operational efficiency is as important for public sector organizations as it is for any other business. You want to ensure your organization is using its resources in the most efficient way possible. To do that, you need a public sector ERP solution that has been designed to support and streamline your operations.

Explore these five ways SAP software streamlines operations in your public sector organization.


1. Simplification

Most public sector organizations already have software and systems, but they may not operate together efficiently. For example, your accounting department may be using multiple systems to complete their work. These systems probably don’t function together seamlessly, so employees have to switch from one system to another, with a negative impact on efficiency.

With SAP software, your organization is able to eliminate the separate silos these systems operate in, and instead consolidate operations into a single system that meets all your needs. This reduces your infrastructure and increases operational efficiency, lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO).


2. Accountability

Maintaining accountability is one of the biggest challenges that public sector organizations face. Your organization must adhere to stringent reporting requirements, which takes time and resources your organization might not be able to spare.

SAP’s public sector ERP solution is designed to make reporting easier, while still keeping your organization aligned with GASB reporting standards. You’ll be able to satisfy these requirements and keep your stakeholders current on the state of your organization.


3. Visibility

Real-time visibility into operations is essential for increased efficiency in public sector organizations. With the right ERP solution, you’re able to make informed decisions without waiting for delayed information.

This is especially important for those tasked with fund management and encumbrance accounting. With the right ERP solution, your organization knows exactly where your funding went and how it was used.


4. Standardization

Many businesses and organizations struggle with standardization across all operations. However, employees have their own ways of doing things, and without the right framework, it’s nearly impossible to align everyone.

SAP software has ERP best practices built in, so you’re able to align operations across your organization, and align with industry standards, for increased efficiency.


5. Engagement

In an increasingly mobile world, many workplaces are enabling mobility for their employees. You need a public sector ERP solution that keeps up with them. If employees need to return from the field to access your ERP solution, it decreases their efficiency and slows operations. SAP software has cloud capabilities that let your employees to engage with the platform wherever they go.

Make sure you’re operating at maximum efficiency and using your resources effectively to best serve your community. Adopt SAP’s ERP software and drastically improve your operations.

Learn more about how to select and implement an ERP solution in this free whitepaper.

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