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4 Ways ERP Software Helps You Overcome E-Commerce Hurdles

March 13, 2013BY AMS Editor

If you sell products online, you know how important it is for the shopping experience to be as smooth as possible for the customers. You need the correct merchandise on display including accurate pricing and availability as well as an easy transaction process, so you do not lose them at the last minute. Finally, no customer should enjoy shopping online only to be frustrated later by an ineffective fulfilment process. Fully integrated ERP software will help all of the above run without a hitch.

Updating and Maintaining

Before consumers actually make a purchase, they need to choose their item. An accurately displayed catalogue guides the customer towards making a purchase. Likewise on the backend, your software should have a user-friendly interface that helps your employees manage inventory and update product pricing and availability. Even better is when the fulfilment system is fully integrated with a company’s ecommerce site, which ensures product updates are done automatically and in real-time with little or no IT involvement.


If consumers don’t feel comfortable entering financial details on your website, you will lose business. Using secure PCI compliant, ERP Software means you can rest assured that your customers’ privacy is safe and you remain compliant. In the age of social media, a compromised client or two can have a big impact on your bottom line.


Speed is important in any online transaction, yet what is most important to the consumer is that the right product is delivered in the timeframe promised. If your customer has a good experience shopping with you online and having their products delivered as requested, they are more likely to return to shop with you again. ERP Software that allows for an integrated end to end process means that you get paid quickly and your customers receive their product sooner—keeping everyone satisfied.


A speedy system is vital, however for optimal performance you need to monitor your warehouse and shipping functions. You hope every order runs smoothly and correctly from purchase to order to shipping to stock updates. However the only way to ensure performance and catch system breakdowns before they affect your customers is to consistently monitor them.

The ideal solution is to use a single, integrated ERP software system that operates a single database and manages each process on top of that secure resource. That integration will make for an efficient business and happy customers, an ideal combination.

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