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4 Benefits of Software as a Service for Professional Service Providers

April 17, 2013BY AMS Editor

Many professionals may find software a difficult/boring topic. Advertising executives and lawyers are experts in creativity or criminality but not necessarily in CPUs or clusters.

Shielding the user from these intricacies is one of the benefits of software as a service. A professional service provider might not understand the software he uses, but this is immaterial, so long as the software helps to provide a service. And today’s software does too.


Similar to their clients, professionals want to know that their software works, not how it works, and in the way they need it. Software as a service fits perfectly with this desire. There is no requirement for installation; just access the application directly from any web-enable device. The system becomes an on-demand resource, available at any time—like clients view professionals.


A big advantage for professionals on the go is anywhere access. Whether in a client meeting and in need of an unforeseen report or entering time on the way home, professionals have what they need at their fingertips. Quality software as a service means work can be accomplished on any web-enabled device and provides the “freedom” to work from anywhere.


Social functionality is a growing trend within every industry and is an extra benefit of many modern on-demand business applications . Most people are accustomed to using social networks in their personal lives and in promoting their business. Those same functionalities can be used within selected software as a service applications to effectively communicate with clients and other departments and colleagues. Social tools like comments and sharing turns software into a team based business tool so consultants can lean on the team’s expertise if a new subject matter (i.e. potential engagement) comes up with a client.


Talented professionals may not be tech-savvy, yet they know what they need to be efficient. Software as a service incorporates industry efficiencies within the system. However, not everyone works the same. The best packages let users, without IT involvement, have personalized screens and functionality, removing the need for a custom designed solution.

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